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The Crossing coming to Xbox 360; innovative FPS going cross-platform

Alright, wrap your head around this one. Arkane Studios latest FPS, previewed in the latest Games for Windows Magazine, isn't your average first person shooter ... in fact, they're calling it a "crossplayer" FPS. In short, the single- and multi-player elements of the game are merged, so those heretofore mindless enemies -- yup, they're your fellow carbon-based mammals. It's all a little confusing (watch the videos embedded after the break to get a better idea) but the good news is it'll be confusing on both the Windows and Xbox 360 platforms!

According to a job offer on Arkane's site, the Lyon, France-based developer is looking for a programmer to "handle porting, maintaining, and optimizing the codebase for the Xbox 360 version of [The Crossing]." "Crossplayer" game called The Crossing (with knights from the Crusades) going cross-platform ... if ever there was a game that needed some Xbox Live Anywhere integration. Get on it, Arkane!

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