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This week in Video Marketplace

David Dreger
Save's TriXie posted this week's Video Marketplace update, and it brings a bunch of new Reality Television shows into the fold. Unfortunately, only one TV download (albeit temporarily free), Jericho's recap, is available in High Definition. Employee of the Month is the lone HD movie of the five films added. Hopefully we'll get some more HD lovin' soon. Full list of the titles available after the break.

New TV Shows

Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 3
NASCAR Rewinds
Celebrity Paranormal
• Rob & Big
• Disorderly Conduct
• Pimp My Ride – Season 3
Yo Momma
• Jericho Recap (2/16, Free until 2/21) (HD Available)
• Trucks
• Horsepower
• Breaking Bonaduce

New Feature Films

Private Parts (Horror Film from 1972, not Howard Stern's Private Parts)
Shaft (2000)
• The Dead Zone
• Employee of the Month (HD)

Promos & Trailers

Zodiac Free Trailer
300 Free Trailer
• New Artist of the Month – 2nd Video "Good Charlotte"

You plan on taking a look at any of these shows over the weekend?

[Via GamerscoreBlog]

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