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Keepin' it real fake, part XLVI: as if the Thump wasn't bad enough


It's one thing to fake a successful product, such as a Nokia phone or an iPod nano, but we can't really think who in their right mind would go through all the trouble of ripping off the first generation Oakley Thump. Still, we have the fruit of such insanity before us, and while the aesthetics are no win, these "MP3 Sunglass" shades actually pick up a couple extra features that might've benefited the Thump. The addition of a screen on these things has its pros and cons, but there's also Bluetooth 1.1 on board -- obviously unsuitable for beaming musics A2DP style, but at least you can chat on the phone without having to take these ridiculous things off. The shades are USB rechargeable, play a decent complement of codecs, sport 128MB to 1GB capacities and sport 6 hours of battery. Now if they only included a time travel function so we could head to the year 2004 and make sure the Thump never existed.

[Thanks, xman]

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