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Breakfast Topic: Your least favorite class to play

Paul Sherrard

We're always talking about our favorite classes, favorite specs, favorite gear. And if we're not, we're cursing shammies and pallies for how they treat us in PvP. But before you found your favorite class, the one you love and adore and will play until the end of time, you may have had a different experience with another class.

It may just be a mild disappointment, or it could be outright hatred, but I'm sure there's a class we've all tried playing that just didn't satisfy us the way we thought it would. Some of us may even have multiple classes that we can't stand.

In the spirit of sharing, I'll go first. You know that Draenei shammy I've been leveling up? He's 64 now, after a month of play. I don't like him. I really don't like him. Here's what bugs me - and I should've known, as it's the same thing that bugged me about my paladin for the longest time - there's no one clear path for the shaman to take. Hybrids, by their very nature, must require some ability to either focus on one subset of their abilities, or accept being mediocre at a number of things. I can't stand this. I'll never be the best healer, nor the best tank, nor the best DPS. Sure, I can do any of those things, but not as well as a single-purpose class.

So, how about you? What class did you really give a good attempt to, but now can't stand? Or what class did you leave behind simply because your new class is more fun? Get your rants out here!

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