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Hard questions: Wii novelty and drought in effect?


CVG decided to unleash the beast question: Is the novelty of the Wii wearing off? The drought is in full effect, but in all fairness, the same can be said for the PS3. The Virtual Console games are rolling out slowly, but old games to those who don't need to ask for mom and dad's credit card do not a console make. The Gamecube turned Wii games are good and fine, but where are the Wii games?

CVG says, "Most prominent is the first batch of games, many of which do a better job at exposing the obstacles of full motion control, rather than the benefits ... Red Steel is twitchy and occasionally clumsy, Need For Speed: Most Wanted is near unplayable, Far Cry got it all wrong, and the motion control in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance just feels tacked on."

The Wii is selling well enough and its Gamecube backwards compatibility, along with the VC, is a good distraction for many to not realize there isn't much of a Wii offering yet -- once again, the same can be said for the PS3. Oh well, don't be surprised to see more Wii backlash until there are some legitimate offerings this Christmas.

[Via GoNintendo]

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