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Scoop brings glam to the ice cream truck biz

Darren Murph

Yeah, we know, we all scream for ice cream, but the Scoop startup is looking to add a dash of glitz, glamor, and flashing lights to the traditional ice cream truck biz, which is admittedly overdue for a refresh. The UK-based endeavor will be hitting the streets with Mystery Machine-esque vans that sport a bright flashing spoon atop the roof, chalk-written phrases on the paneling, and hot orange rims to boot. The idea, which took home the gold in CPB's "Blue Sky" competition, stands out from the trucks of yesteryear by handing out branded spoons and delivering delightful flavors in Chinese take-out boxes (pictured after the jump), somewhat catering to adults as well as sugar-craving kiddos. Sure, this may not be a 100 miles-per-hour thrill wagon, nor a Xbox 360-packed rental bus, but it definitely holds it own in the (flashy) "meals on wheels" category.

[Via CNET]

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