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Telstra's getting huge data speeds -- at record distances

Brian White

Are you ready for one of those pesky but necessary cell sites to reach beyond the few miles that many of them are provisioned for now? Get rid of those nasty watt-limits and stretch that single cell out to 100 kilometers. Well, not really -- but if you're into cell coverage, you might have tasty chops for this. Telstra and Ericsson (one of the largest mobile infrastructure companies) say that a new record of cellular data coverage and speeds has been established with Telstra's Next G HSDPA network -- to the tune of 200 kilometers in diameter and data speeds of 14.4 mbps on the downside. How did they do this? Well, the pair installed advanced Ericsson equipment on several mountaintops in Australia (how quaint) to get that range. Ok, we're ready to move to a mountain range now, just to get that awesomely stretched cellular coverage. How about speeds, you may ask? Telstra stated that peak uplink speeds of 1.9 mbps and downlink speeds of 14.4 mbps were achieved. Not too shabby.

[Thanks, Lucas H.]

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