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Virgin Media, Buena Vista ink deal to give UK more HD on demand

Darren Murph

While UK users were recently able to catch America's biggest game in crisp HD glory, it now looks like HD lovers on the other side of the pond have even more reasons to celebrate. In a recent deal between Virgina Media and The Walt Disney Company's Buena Vista International Television (BVITV), hit network series such as Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Daybreak, Ghost Whisperer, Night Stalker, and Alias will soon be available in high-definition via Virgin's TV-on-demand service. Although further details were scant, it was also noted that this was probably not the last deal the UK would see in terms of adding additional HD on demand offerings this year, and while a specific timetable wasn't set, Virgin Media stated that the content should be available "before month's end."

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