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A real Xbot grabs PDZ achievements


360 Fanboys, Xbots, Micro$ux, these are all words that are bandied about on your typical Microsoft/Sony flame war. We're naturally fond of the fanboy moniker (we're taking it back), but we've got a soft spot for Xbot, too. Xbot evokes the image of Bill Gates leading his robot army towards the impending Robot Apocalypse®, and that makes us smile. Imagine our excitement when we saw this video of a working Xbot. Unfortunately, it doesn't conquer the world, it just plays Perfect Dark: Zero. In fact, it doesn't really even play per se. Created by David Harr (gamertag: Diego Knyte), it just starts another match once the current match ends. Why, you ask? To earn 60 gamerscore points, of course! The robot was built specifically to complete the "Played 1000 Dark Ops Games" and "Played 1000 Deathmatch Games" achievements. It supposedly took 10 hours to design and build. All this to avoid 40 hours of gameplay. That's 30 hours saved! Good job, Diego Knyte!

[Via Live Gamer]

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