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BenQ-Siemens' E72 part of Windows Mobile 6 fray

Chris Ziegler

Despite being down on its luck as of late, BenQ-Siemens somehow still found the time and money to come to Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6 party with the new E72 candybar last week. With data topping out at measly EDGE speeds and an emphasis on VoIP via its WiFi connectivity, the E72 smacks of the also-announced iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger from HP -- and like the 510, it'll also be running the Standard version of the platform atop 64MB of RAM and 128MB of ROM. Where the E72 wins, though, is with its QVGA display (versus 220 x 176 on the 510) and a slightly snappier 260MHz TI OMAP core. Don't hold your breath for an American release though (we weren't anyway) on account of a tri-band radio.

[Via CoolSmartphone]

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