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Intel seeks light sensors to halt laptop scalding

Darren Murph

Having an overheating laptop nestled on your legs isn't exactly the most comfortable way to work, but even if your Li-ion doesn't erupt on your mid-section, other forms of damage can still ruin your day life. In an effort to quell the scalding that so often occurs on today's lap-burners, Intel has issued a patent application "which uses light to sense when a computer casing is getting too hot, and automatically throttles back the power" to cool things off. Considering that hot spots emerge in various locales on the casing, a light sensor would be used to detect changes on an internal thermochromic coating, which would then relay a signal to the processor to clock down a bit in order to keep the temperatures within reason. Of course, we fully expect a taskbar icon to disable this CPU-limiting procedure for those rocking flame retardant pants, but this should work just fine for those who prefer not to dress accordingly while computing on the go.

[Via NewScientistTech]

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