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Lots of hotfixes kills bugs dead

Mike Schramm

Looks like the Entangling Roots hotfix, while one of the most anticipated, wasn't the only hotfix that dropped at the end of last week. Tseric has updated the forums with a bit more than a few hotfixes to hit the servers recently.

Among them, the Roots problem is now fixed, as well as that problem with the Draenei getting the "Crumpled Up Note" for the quest in BRD. There are also changes with the Maiden of Virtue, the chess pieces in Karazhan, and the Mechanar elevator door that lots of players were having trouble with.

All the fixes are reprinted after the jump. Keep that bug squashing coming, Blizz!


The 'Crumpled Up Note' quest item should now drop for Draenei to open the quest path for Onyxia

An issue with Nexus-King Salhaddar which made him unkillable has been resolved

Players will receive proper credit after finishing the 'Kill Omen' quest

Players can no longer avoid Grull the Dragonkiller's shatter damage through immunities

Fixed an issue where The Maiden of Virtue would despawn upon a reset of the Karazhan instance


Issues with players capturing the flag in the Eye of the Storm battleground should be resolved


Fixed an issue with players losing control of the chess pieces in Karazhan

Entangling Roots should now affect certain creatures properly


The Gnomish Poultryizer can no longer be used on an Arena opponent

Mortal Strike and Wound Poison (rank 4) no longer stack at any rank


The door at the top of the elevator in Tempest Keep: Mechanar should now properly open if players die to Pathaleon the Calculator

Murmur's Touch is properly removed from players when they zone out of Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth

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