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This week on XBLA: Absolutely Nothing

Jared Rea

Video: GSB News: XBLA Forecast

Microsoft must be running low on original ideas as this week, Absolutely Nothing is making its way to the Xbox Live Arcade. As a sequel to the critically panned Jacksquat, you would think that Microsoft would wise up and stop trying to shove this property down our throats. Alas, in a week that has given us the likes of New Adventure Island and Streets of Rage for Virtual Console, and FlOw for the Playstation Network, Microsoft will be delivering Absolutely Nothing to your Xbox 360 this Wednesday.

It's not very funny, is it? Someone should have told the folks over at the mouthpiece Gamerscore Blog that before they whipped up the video above, coincidentally, just after pulling their entry declaring that Xbox Live Arcade fans are shafted for the week. Okay, it's kind of funny, but we're still not laughing. Neither sarcasm nor serious cat (who, last we checked, was serious) can shed a positive light on yet another week of disappointment for Microsoft's download service.

Do us a favor. The next time you don't have anything to offer, just give it to us straight. Don't play cute about failing to meet the demands of your audience for the umpteenth time.

[Update - The aforementioned entry at the Gamerscore Blog is back up, and here it is!]

[Thanks, Ben!]

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