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AMD's new consumer flagship proc, the X2 6000+


The 90nm Athlon 64 X2 processor line looks close to its last breath with the X2 6000+, a 3GHz monstrosity designed as a consumer equivalent to the FX-74. The 6000+ is limited to single processor systems, none of those quad-core frivolities the FX-74 is known to partake in, but the chip can still suck down a maximum of 125 watts, and carries 1MB of L2 cache per core. Where the 6000+ processor really departs from its enthusiast sibling is the $464 pricetag, less than half the cost of a FX-74. The chip is a few months late -- it was slated for Q4 2006 originally -- and will be followed by an 89 watt version in the third quarter of this year, along with a slightly less beefy 5800+ edition, but then its quitsville for AMD's 90nm creations. 65nm here we come!

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