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Doom's surly protagonist becomes art project


That's one zoomed space marine. An article on Videoludica discusses the latest work of one Damiano Colacito, said to be one of the most interesting contributors to the Italian Game Art scene. His "Face of Doom" exhibit, which opened the XXIII International Festival of Sarajevo, is comprised of Doom's HUD (heads-up display) being projected onto a war-damaged Hotel Europa.

As Flynn "Doomguy" Taggart endures damage, his face slowly transforms from that of a stern space marine into something more closely resembling an exceedingly displeased hamburger. Fans of Doom would certainly recognize the various levels of pain and bloody torment expressed by the silent protagonist, but what they might not be aware of is how those tie into the history of the hotel and the war that left it in ruins. As Doomguy grows visibly anguished and upset, so grows the metaphor for the people in Sarajevo and their reactions to seeing the destructive effects of war.

The video ends on an upbeat note, however -- Doomguy's health is restored, calling forth " the proverbial phoenix that rises from its ashes."

[Via GameSetWatch]

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