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Dopod makes it official: GPS comes to the D810 via new ROM

Brian White

Not that we love abbreviations in titles, but we just couldn't resist with that one. The HTC sub-brand we all love to name -- Dopod -- has officially released a GPS upgrade for the D810 WM5 handset (aka HTC P3600/Trinity). The new legit and official ROM for your Dopod D810 includes GPS capability onboard to complement its speedy HSDPA data connection without the use of an added GPS antenna. Want to take photos from the onboard cam with embedded GPS coordinates? You are now covered, you geocacher you. In addition to being fully staffed with BlackBerry Connect and Microsoft's Direct Push email solution, you can now tell where you are under the stars when checking your email if you so choose. The new GPS ROM, according to Dopod, should become available in March on new factory D810s, and existing D810 users can upgrade their units free of charge via download at

[Thanks, Karl C.]

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