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ex-Clover developers are working on Resident Evil 5

Nick Doerr

So, while many of those involved in the now-defunct Clover Studios have moved on to create the new studio Seeds, apparently there are a few developers who were reassigned to Capcom's Resident Evil 5. But didn't Seeds have some of the people involved in the creation of Resident Evil anyway? It would've been wise to ask for Seeds help, but alas.

Charles Bellfield, VP of Marketing, addressed that very issue. "What actually happened is Mikami-san, Kamiya-san and Inaba-san chose to leave the company and do something else and the rest of the Clover team was just incorporated back into the rest of Capcom's development talent pool." What do you guys think? Should Capcom have bit the bullet and asked Seeds to help with Resident Evil 5 or will they be just fine without the creative minds behind the franchise?

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