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New DS Lite stand is bendy


We thought we didn't like DS Lite stands that much. We were so, so wrong. It turns out we were just waiting for this one to come along and make our DS look more like an IKEA lamp. Where those other stands use ridiculous hinges and rectangular bases to sit on your table*, or magnets to stick to surfaces, the Game Stand Lite uses two real, proven scientific principles which naturally increase awesomeness:

  1. a big bendy arm, and
  2. a suction cup
We don't think it comes with that transparent base, which is too bad. We like transparent things almost as much as we like bendy things. We do hope that suction cup is strong enough to stand up to the force of a few songs' worth of rhythm-action.

*Okay, so there's a hinged stand in the linked GAME Watch accessory roundup that's actually really nice, if significantly less bendy.

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