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Segway's RMP platform for nerdy robots


What do you do when your overly hyped Human Transporter skids off the plateau of human interest only to be pummeled by archaic transportation laws? Why, start building mobility solutions for robots, of course. We've already seen a few lazy robots riding Segways around the lab; soon enough, we'll be seeing a lot more what with the Segway RMP (Robotic Mobility Platform) now launched in Japan. The RMP is meant to provide a quick and easy transportation underpinning for new domestic and military robots. RMPs range in price from ¥6,037,500 to ¥1,376,550 ($50,000 to about $11,500) and vary by maximum load, speed, size, max angle of climb, and battery capacity. Let the robot crusades begin!

Via Robot Watch]

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