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Zootfly talks about TimeO

David Dreger

We realize how blasphemous it is to use a PS3 site as your source, but, for TimeO details, we hope you can forgive us. If it makes you feel any better, we'd like to casually point out that PS Universe spells the title as "Time0" when the replies have it as TimeO. Just an observation, nothing more. The meat and potatoes are what's important, and in this case, it's a nice interview with Zootfly CEO Bostjan Troha. Tidbits include their development process being exclusively on Maya, how their current build is running on the Xbox 360, parallels between TimeO and Ghostbusters and that their estimated release schedule is for Christmas 2008. A very interesting read, even if coming from the "other side". So, whether it has the official branding of the Ghostbusters franchise or not, are you looking forward to seeing more on this from Zootfly?


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