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HTC Apache gets AKU 3.5 from the underworld

Brian White

If you're one of the chosen few that likes to hack and upgrade ROMs on that spiffy WM Smartphone of Pocket PC, will you be tempted to "hack that AKU" with the latest version 3.5 wares fronted over at PPC Geeks? If so, here are some of the the details for that informed decision you have coming: Windows Live with newer extras, Crossbow (WM6) icons and looks (including WMP), MMS app v3.5.15, Camera app v3.0, StartUp manager by Baniazeck and Task Manager v2.3.0.1. Be aware though, that the vaunted SmartDialer seems to not be functional (yet) with this AKU. Also, the 3G connection status icons change a bit, as the left icon is now the 3G indicator. So, if you're ready to take the plunge with that precious HTC Apache sittin' in your pocket or clipped heavily to that belt, you're good to go.

[Thanks, Chris]

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