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Modded NES and SNES controllers work wirelessly with Wii


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How many of you have not downoaded SNES or NES games through the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console service because you lack the authentic feel that comes with using each respective console's original controller? A lot of you, huh? Well, Mark Feldman feels your pain and decided to take the power back matters into his own hands and bring forth a solution. With MacGuyver-like grace, he places a wireless transmitter into both the SNES and NES controllers, along with a microcontroller and an iPod mini battery. He then takes a GameCube wire and constructs the wireless receiver module. The end product: an authentic experience that could only be surpassed by playing the game in its original cartridge form on its original system.

Oh, you want to see it in action? Check past the post break for an embedded video.

[Via Engadget]

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