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Nintendo Wii mashed with YouTube = WiiTube

Kevin Kelly

We were playing around with Yaplet tonight, and by complete chance we ran into the whirlwind of energy that is Gary Vaynerchuck. He REALLY loves two things; wine and the Wii. He doesn't just love them, either ... he is extremely charged up about both as we found out firsthand.

Gary runs a website called Wine Library, where he sells wine. He also runs a "vidcast" about wine called Wine Library TV, appropriately enough, where there are over 186 episodes (!) about wine. He's not some snobby "We serve no wine before its time" Orson Welles-ish character, instead he's a bit 'in yo face!' and Marv Albert about things. Of course, he's from New Jersey, so can you blame him?

However, what's even cooler (and of more interest to you, dear readers) is the latest site Gary has co-founded called WiiTube. It's meant to be a social site for Wii owners, with profiles containing Wii numbers, and also a spot for people to come to share tips and tricks. Can't beat a certain boss? Post about it on WiiTube, then someone can upload a video on the site showing how it's done.

The site is built around Opera and meant to look great with the Wii browser. They also collect the best Wii videos and game trailers from YouTube and link them all in one central location, so you don't have to go searching through YouTube on your own and sift through loads of spam vids and those bizarre Japanese entries that are impossible to read.

Gary and his team will be giving away Wiis through the site very soon, so you might want to head over and sign up if you're interested in something like, oh not much ... just a free Wii. Plus some Wii-centric goodness for your Wii browser.

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