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Sony Ericsson W880i and K810i mini-gallery


We had a quick and dirty hands on with both the K810i and W880i this afternoon. Both were lovely, but sadly neither was able to stay but for a few minutes. We stacked and shot them with a K800i, BlackBerry Pearl, and an 02 Trion (a.k.a. HTC TyTn) for your viewing pleasure. Quick thoughts on the W880i: it has a gorgeous screen, the rubberized back feels secure in your hands, the keys actually might not make your fingers bleed -- and, oh yeah, the Nano-esque skinniness was enough to make our hearts sing. On the K810 side, keys are a bit odd-looking but feel just fine, the screen is on par with the K800i, and while this phone feels very solid -- it is still a bit on the portly side. Bottom line? We want them both ... now. Many thanks to Mr. Oli for bringing us the goods.

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