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Telltale Games looking to develop for Xbox 360


In this week's installment of our ongoing series, "Is Sam & Max coming to [platform here]?" we examine a job posting for an Xbox 360 programmer that went up last week on Telltale Games' official website. The systems programmer position entails the implementation of Telltale's "core 3D graphics and audio systems on the Xbox 360," as well as the modification and support of existing art and production assets. Furthermore, it's preferred that any applicants have a "love of adventure games."

Now, there's no need to leap to any conclusions here. Indeed, the most desirable conclusion lies at the end of a simple game of hopscotch -- minimal effort is required to reach it. Given their recent success, episodic nature and small file sizes, Telltale's Sam & Max episodes seem like an ideal fit for Xbox Live Arcade. Unfortunately, we live in a world that's far from ideal and with no official announcement, there's no telling what tale Telltale is working on next. We've always been rubbish at the whole waiting and seeing thing.

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