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Adobe Flash Lite 3 adopts video support

Brian White

Have Adobe Flash Lite installed on your mobile? If so, you'll be glad to know that a near-future upgrade will support video soon. Adobe's Flash Lite 3 is due out sometime before July and will natively have video support built in. The format, you ask? Well, naturally, Adobe's native video support in Flash Lite 3 will be its own Flash video format (FLV) that is used for videos all over the web these days (yeah, that goes for ads, too). Flash Lite 3 will be available on S60, BREW, and Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 (most likely WM6 as well). Don't fret, though, if you don't have one of these mobile OSes at your disposal -- Adobe Flash Lite 3 will also be available on embedded operating systems from many OEMs.

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