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Benefon announces WM6 GPS devices for 2007

Brian White

Benefon is rolling out a trio of new GPS-enabled mobiles for its 2007 product portfolio. As always, the trade names it assigns are just so cute: The TWIG Talisman, Totem and Monolith. That almost sounds like a fourth Lord of the Rings flick. Anyway, this triumvirate of WM6 Smartphones geared towards the navigation junkie should delight many looking for a newer WM6 device with out-of-the-box GPS integration -- and that includes the new TWIG Talisman (GPRS / EDGE). The TWIG Totem comes with HSDPA and EDGE along with an integrated SiRF Star III GPS chip and Bluetooth revision 1.2 (no 2.0?). Finally, the TWIG Monolith gets a touch-screen interface along with the same SiRF chip from the Totem and adds WiFi into the mix.
[Thanks, Tapz]

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