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First Alone in the Dark 5 footage


If there is one thing that the Xbox 360 needs more of, it's survival horror games. Today, we're proud to display the latest trailer for Alone in the Dark 5. We've shown off some creepy screens before, but it's always better to see a game in motion, especially when it's this pretty. You'll probably see the note at the beginning of the trailer, but we have to point out that this video is taken from real time game footage. In other words: wow. Alone in the Dark 5 looks very nice. The facial detail alone is staggering, from the scarring to the glistening eyes. So let's see, we have Alone in the Dark 5, Alan Wake, and Resident Evil 5 all coming eventually. Add Silent Hill 5 and Eternal Darkness 2 to that list and we'll be happy terrified.

Check out the official Alone in the Dark 5 website for screens and a downloadable version of the trailer. Alone in the Dark arrives later this year.

[Thanks, Machiavelli 420]

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