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Jesus appears atop cellphone tower in Uganda


Cingular, you may have the iPhone but South Africa's MTN has an exclusive with the Jesus. That's right, the Christian religion's iconic friend of burnt toast and water-stains is making a (second?) comeback at the top of an MTN cellphone tower in Gulu, Uganda. Yesterday, excited onlookers could be heard saying, "Come, come, come look over there, between those two bars, do you see him, do you see him...? He [Jesus] is standing between those two bars." Unfortunately, neither reporters nor the MTN marketing department could see the manifestation so they won't be able to use the Son-of-God on any marketing collateral. They did say "Uganda" and not Germany, right? For that is where pilgrims can find the one true blessed cellphone tower. In the almighty words of Harlo in the comments, "Can you heal me now?"

[Via The Register]

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