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Today in Joystiq: February 22, 2007

Ross Miller

Today's entry in the "LucasArts games we really, really miss" category comes from Captin Shmit. Day of the Tentacle was the first game that Tim Schafer helmed (he co-designed it alongside Dave Grossman). Schafer would go on to make Full Throttle (an autobiography), Grim Fandango (also an autobiography) and Psychonauts (a memoir). Check out the highlights for today:

Joystiq Podcast 002 - Perfect for YOU edition (feat. MTV News' Stephen Totilo)
Off the Grid interviews Brian Reynolds of Big Huge Games
Ring of Death: An Xbox 360 story -- Part 3
Today's hottest game video: Hellboy trailer

Japanese software sales: week ending 02.18.07
Japanese release day highlights: 02.22.07
R-Type Delta hits Japanese PlayStation Store
ESRB takes notes from MPAA, recruits parents
Monster Hunter Portable 2nd off to a quick start in Japan
Graphing the perceived Wii drought by the numbers
Mercenaries 2 on Xbox 360 ... PC & PS2 (this time it's official)
Next Ratchet & Clank officially titled
GameCube gets vasectomy; no longer reproducing
Circuit City busts out the used games
Boom Boom Rocket preview
Nokia patent transforms stylus into joystick
In the distant future, Wing Commander Arena for Xbox Live Arcade
Vectorman of Vermillion: Spinball Oasis for Virtual Console
Xbox 360 IPTV to be shown at The Connected Home show in Europe
Xbox 360 Platinum Hits 'Round 2' whiffs on bargain knockout
Former EA prez joins Microsoft as strategic adviser

Rumors & Speculation
Analyst: Wii could plague 30% of U.S. homes
Is the industry betraying its games?
Rumorang: Warhawk downloadable, now multiplayer-only
Prince of Persia could be Disney's next 'Pirates' film franchise

Community & Culture
The other side of a disturbed teen's tale
The sexual predators! They're coming from inside the Xbox!
From Russia with love: massively multiplayer online drinking game
Owner of seven failed Xbox 360s speaks out

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