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Vectorman of Vermillion: Spinball Oasis for Virtual Console

Jared Rea

In the grand tradition of Xbox Live Arcade having one title announced, here comes the competition with four announcements in one. The Wii's Virtual Console will be seeing four games from Sega sometime soon and while they're not all winners, there is some good news.

The good news is that the tragically under-appreciated Beyond Oasis will be making its way to the Virtual Console. The bad news is so is Sonic Spinball, Sword of Vermillion and Vectorman. Unless of course you enjoy them. In that case, congratulations!

At 800 points each ($8.00), they're all somewhat of a hard sell, but Beyond Oasis is certainly worth a download if you never got a chance to play it before. Others like Vectorman, on the other hand, are proof that nostalgia can be quite the mistress.

Coincidentally, all of these titles have been available on GameTap for quite some time.

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