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Blizzard updates Under Development page

Eliah Hecht

For the first time since before the Burning Crusade was released, Blizzard have updated their Under Development page to tell us that the Black Temple is going to be opened soon, and will contain Tier 6 armor. We knew it was going to be opened eventually, given that the physical edifice is already in the game, and even the instance portal (though it tells you that the instance isn't available yet), but this probably means it'll be in the next content patch. Here's Blizz's text:

Originally founded as a Draenei temple, this plot has been conquered and despoiled many times throughout the history of Outland, removing any spiritual grace it may have once held. The Black Temple has been the stage of the Orc Horde's blood curse, a fortress for the then-mortal Ner'zhul, and a prime staging ground for the Burning Legion's campaign of destruction. Most recently, it has been claimed as home by Illidan, where he and his minions make their bid for power over the remnants of the shattered planet. Now, it is up to you to face the malefic forces of Illidan and his minions in hopes of freeing Outland from chaos and tyranny.

Black Temple is a 25-person raid dungeon located in Shadowmoon Valley.

  • Explore an ancient site steeped in Warcraft lore
  • Gain access to more than a hundred new rare and epic items, including tier-6 armor sets
  • Choose your path through a nonlinear level-70 raid dungeon, as you make your way to...
  • Face Illidan himself!
I'm interested to learn more about the nonlinearity of this place, although it probably just means that you don't have to do all the bosses. Also, note that we almost certainly won't be able to destroy Illidan -- Blizz have hinted that he's too powerful to be destroyed by mere level 70s. The usual guess is that it'll go something like the Majordomo Executus fight in MC. And the stats on T4 and T5 are already pretty crazy -- anyone have any info on what T6 is like?

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