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Japanese hardware sales, Feb. 12 - Feb. 18: Cool stuff edition

Jason Wishnov

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Perhaps naught ever changes in the land of the rising sun, but this week felt especially mired in consistency. Christmas-colored arrows would tell you otherwise, but in fact the only changes in rank were the Game Boy Micro and the GBA SP swapping out the number seven and eight slots, respectively.

So, what to do without our usual fountain of inspiration from which to draw? Part of our jobs include scouring the internet for days, nay, weeks straight, searching far and wide for things to make you, our readers, feel cool and well-informed. In our trek across digital lands we find many awesome things that may not relate to the Wii directly, and yet, we wished we could share them with you regardless. Now's our chance! You may have seen these three web-gems before, but for those who haven't, we do hope you enjoy. Now click that "Continue reading" link. Do it.

- DS Lite: 136,846 64,331 (31.98%)
- Wii: 63,618 14,932 (19.01%)
- PSP: 34,505 2,330 (7.24%)
- PS3: 20,676 2,755 (11.76%)
- PS2: 16,192 159 (0.99%)
- Xbox 360: 5,210 399 (8.29%)
- Game Boy Micro: 953 69 (7.81%)
- GBA SP: 843 137 (13.98%)
- Gamecube: 347 36 (9.40%)
- DS Phat: 153 32 (26.45%)
- GBA: 40 4 (11.11%)

[Source: Media Create]

1. Pandora - A web-based application based on the Music Genome Project, Pandora is a fully automated program which analyzes your particular musical preferences and accesses a catalog of hundreds of thousands of songs to provide ones it feels you might enjoy. You simply give it a few songs you just love (Jesse's Girl!), and it'll spit out hundreds back at you. As you listen to the music, you can tell the program if you enjoyed the song or not, and it will use this information to further refine its search. The amount of musical theory and cataloging in the process is absolutely incredible, and we here at the Fanboy have found dozens of new artists and albums through the process.

2. Clearification - A flash site based on the epic ramblings of comedian Demetri Martin (mostly known for his work on the Daily Show), that little animated punk will keep you mildly entertained for hours on end. You can listen to random remarks on the front page, or link down into the episodes section for some ... interesting ... diatribes. Anyway, we think it's hilarious. Check it out.

3. eBaums World - Just kidding. Don't go there.

4. Experience Old Spice - We're not ones to buy into silly ad campaigns, but the commercial featuring Bruce Campbell on the front page is amazing. (Check out the picture in the background as he walks.) One click in and you're taking a randomized fifty-question test to measure to "worldliness" and "experience" in a myriad of different categories. Think you're classy? You're probably not. The end of the test features a ridiculously in-depth, six-page analysis of your performance. Post your score ... if you dare. (We scored a 77%.)

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