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Neo-Geo & MSX to join Wii VC (in Japan)


Neo-Geo and MSX are dusting off their parts and going for some of that virtual pape', joining the swarm of out-of-retirement consoles on Wii; the two will debut this spring in Japan (and likely worldwide shortly thereafter). Nintendo has already confirmed Eggy (Eggerland?) and Aleste (both 800 Wii Points) for MSX, but has yet to list any Neo-Geo titles. Additionally, more third parties want in on the Virtual Console enterprise, including G-Mode, Pony Canyon, Spike and (obviously) SNK.

Both new VC formats have the to potential to bring notable franchises to the download service, including Neo-Geo's Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, King Of Fighters, and Samurai Showdown; and MSX's Bomberman, Castlevania, Contra, Dragon Quest, Elite, Final Fantasy, Gradius, Metal Gear, Puyo Puyo, and Wizardry.

[Via CVG]

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