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PS3 freebies aim to counter its high price

Blake Snow

Sony sure is being benevolent with PS3 freebies. The company has given away free Blu-ray movies, Gran Turismo HD, and now a free three-hole version of Hot Shots Golf 5 in Japan to PS3 owners. Why all the generosity? "They have to sweeten the deal a little bit," said said Hiroshi Kamide, a Japanese games analyst. "The problem with the product so far is that no one has fully understood why it's so expensive."

Indeed. But it's going to take more than a few give-aways to counter the console's perceived high price, though freebies are a start. "It's the least they can do," continued Kamide. "If you're paying a head above everybody else for a similar product, a game machine, you want to be able to categorically say the reason why it's so expensive." And from the looks of it, Sony's harder, better, faster, stronger argument isn't working for now.

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