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Wii polling finally hacked after weeks of failed attempts!

Blake Snow

Arguably one of the most sought after hacks in console gaming right now is the ability to vote more than once on Wii's Everybody Votes Channel. So it's no surprise that everyone on the information super highway has been tirelessly working to fool the system. Well, the wait is finally over!

To illegally vote more than once, all you have to do is advance Wii's internal clock by one day. From there you'll be well on your way in fudging the numbers so that your party, I mean, favorite vacationing spot secures the victory. Rinse and repeat until satisfied.

In related news, the color red mysteriously beat out the heavily favored blue in a recent poll. Blue's legal counsel called the result "unsupported by the law or the facts." Red's publicist denied our request for a comment.

[Thanks, Brian]

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