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U.S. next to lose PS3 backward compatibility?


This week Sony announced there may be some slight backward compatibility issues on the European PS3. CVG followed-up and received word from Sony European PR, "Backwards compatibility is important but it does not define the PS3 in the same way as the other features do." They'll let the Europeans know what games are compatible when the system launches March 23.

The question now is if this backward compatibility issue, spawned by a software program handling PS2 conversion instead of a hardware chip, would rear its ugly head for future PS3 owners in the U.S.? 1UP went ahead and asked the question and they were told, "We have no announcement ... at this time." Um, that's not a "No." Where's the "No?" Let's hope that Sony at least makes an announcement about the conversion, or gets their software up to the 98 percent compatibility like the current PS3 model, before they leave backward compatibility behind like a high school girlfriend after prom.

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