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Olympus revealing new DSLR(s) on March 5th?

Evan Blass

Teaser campaigns are getting so popular these days that even camera manufacturers are hopping on the bandwagon: last year we saw Sigma try to generate some buzz for its Foveon-powered SD14 DSLR, and now Olympus has posted a similar photo with just enough info to get us interested, but not enough to determine anything concrete about the camera(s) being promised. All that we're given in the pic on Olympus' European site are three increasingly faded silhouettes of either a single or multiple DSLRs; besides the hot shoe and the control ring, we can also see a white badge with the date "5 March 2007." As is our wont, we'll obviously be trying to get the scoop on this new cam well before the official announcement, so stay tuned to this channel while we go dredging for deets in the seedy gadget underworld.

[Via Digital Photography Blog]

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