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Cobra to launch five-inch GPS device, another for truckers

Darren Murph

While most of the recent attention pointed at Cobra has been in regard to its controversial red-light camera / radar detector, the firm is purportedly looking to bust out another navigation unit before the year's end. While the nitty gritty details are scant, the firm is slated to unveil a five-inch personal navigation device (PND) during 2007, but a concrete release date wasn't given. Additionally, a trucker-centric rendition that presumably offers up every truck stop in the continental US as a POI should follow suit once "new software from TeleAtlas" is available for use. Interestingly, the company insinuated that offering "niche PND products" was one way for it to avoid competing with the smorgasbord of other options strictly on price, but unless this elusive device packs some seriously off-the-wall features that we're not aware of, entering the already saturated five-inch GPS market won't be a cakewalk.

[Via GPS Tracklog]

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