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SYNDiCATE's Wii Region Free Patcher for NTSC to PAL

Ryan Block, @ryan

Unfortunately there's one console among the current gen that still needs fretting about that other kind of region "protection", but the Wii separates PAL and NTSC consumers regionally no more. Well, kind of. SYNDiCATE supposedly has a Wii patcher that plays NTSC titles on PAL Wii units, which is just great for all those PAL-rocking countries that have Wiis, as well as those not yet fit to suffer from Wii shortages because Nintendo hasn't even launched there yet. As always, download and install at your own risk. While we'd be very interested to hear of your results when trying out the patch, we certainly won't be any more than a shoulder to cry on should you brick your unit.

[Via Digg, PAL / NTSC map via Wikipedia]

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