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The Green Grid: big iron goes green

Ryan Block, @ryan

We can almost hear the guys at the nuke plant wincing as AMD's The Green Grid consortium took to the wires today to remind everyone of the impressive roster of companies they've enlisted (including borad members IBM, HP, Sun, Dell, and now also Microsoft and even archival Intel). The means to the end (of excessive server power draw, that is), The Green Grid is working to standardize benchmarking of performance per watt; they claim that once they can standardize performance metrics across processors and platforms, they can better hone their efforts to cutting down the the world's electric bill for servers n' related gear (which in 2005 had ballooned to $7.5 billion annually). We're still a bit hazy as to why agreement on performance metrics will affect the fact that chipmakers should be as focused on increasing power efficiency as they are performance, but at least one company's already taking some cogent steps. ColdWatt announced today they've got a line of seemingly no-compromise enterprise power supplies from 650 - 1200 watts that generate 45% less heat and consumer 30% less power. They may not be Green Grid members, but that should help out a bit in making your company's grid a little greener.

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