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Everytime you play a video game, a comic book dies

Blake Snow

Since the 1980s, weekly British comic 2000AD -- makers of the famous Judge Dredd -- has seen its sales drop from 100,000 issues to just 20,000 issues today. The reason for the decline, according to artist Ian Gibson, is video games. Murder, violence, civil disobedience and now the demise of comics all grace gaming's lengthy rap sheet. "The comics market, sadly, is dying because the PlayStation has taken over and comics can't compete," said Gibson in speaking with the BBC. "Most comics I have come across haven't realized that they have lost the battle."

Close up shop. It's over. But wait! Perhaps there is a glimmer of hope. Gibson continues by saying "[Comics] need to tell stories. They are not producing great literary works and I don't see why they shouldn't try." On the contrary, he claims "the PlayStation will never tell stories." That's right. Blame then offend a substitute product. And while it's obvious comics have to compete amongst a slew of entertainment for consumer attention, accusing video games instead of diversifying your product seems a bit short sighted.

[via Games Radar]

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