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God of War 2 dev responds to public outcry


Remember that God of War 2 dev who thought the Wii's appeal was a novelty and wore off quickly? Well, he's posted a response to all who found his earlier claims to be too hard to digest. He goes on to say "First let me say I am not so quickly judging and writing off the wii..I am just saying what I played was not doing it for me. I think it is a good system...I just did not get bowled over with a sense of "Oh my god this is the future."

He also goes on to say a few things in regards to the social appeal of the system, stating "When friends come over though...I will be playing the wii a whole lot more...cause it is fun in a social freaking Guitar Hero. I played the hell out of the first one for a week or so...but then it kind of wore off for me...I still played it, just not as much. Of course when I have people over it becomes fun again. So to me..right now...the wii is a great social machine...but when I want to sit around and get sucked into a game for a lengthy session I am not gonna be playing the wii." Again, has this guy heard of Twilight Princess? We sank 50 hours into the game before our final confrontation with the game's boss and found the experience to be one of the most immersive of our entire life.

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