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Parallels Desktop Finally Ships

Mat Lu

We've been noting the steady stream of Release Candidates coming out of Parallels, but today finally saw the actual release of latest version of the leading (for now) virtualization solution for the Mac. So now those hardy (or prudent) souls out there who actually wait for a shipping product can jump on this revolutionary piece of software. At this point, there's hardly anything new to say, but the many official improvements since the last release include support for: running a Boot Camp partition as a virtual machine, USB 2.0, built-in iSights, true drag and drop between OSes, Leopard and Vista and more.

The release is free for registered users. Parallels Desktop sells for $79.99 and of course you'll need a Windows license if you want to install that. A demo is available. Unfortunately, the Parallel's site is getting hammered right now, so you may have to wait a little while to grab your copy.

[Via Infinite Loop]

Update: clarified what was released.

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