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PSP still hasn't reversed Nintendo's handheld dominance

Blake Snow

The BBC examines Ken Kutaragi's 2003 statement that the PSP would become "the Walkman for the 21st Century," implying that the black beauty would sell 50 million units in the first ten years of production. Safe to say that probably won't happen. But how well has the PSP done so far? Sony has sold/shipped (whatever) 25 million units as of the end of 2006. Not bad. But the BBC states this still isn't enough to reverse Nintendo's "unshakable hold" on the portable market.

So what's held the system back? The article argues that the "sheer power and versatility of the PSP caused more confusion than Sony expected." Portable gamers just wanted to play games but Sony wanted to bundle in the kitchen sink, confusing and slowing down gamers in the process. So what's next for the PSP? Apparently connectivity and integration with the PlayStation 3; and we all know how well that boded for Nintendo's GameCube and GBA. A showstopper. Literally.

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