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Rogers touts free long distance for Home Phone subscribers


In the never ending one-upmanship battle with its competitors at Bell and Telus, Rogers has announced free long distance calling between its Home Phone service and mobile subscribers. Called the My Home Connection benefit, this plan is a freebie for all existing and new customers (yes, that's right -- free!). An interesting thing to note, this plan also extends to free calls to Fido users – this may be the only arena where the two companies blend even though they have the same parents. We think this may well be the first marketing shot in what will likely become the equivalent to sweeps week up here -- number portability. March 14th is the day that Canadians will finally be able to switch wireless Telco's and keep their existing number. You can expect great new devices and plans as all parties try to lure subscribers their way. Now, where is that TyTn announcement?

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