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Shiro readies MK, ME, and VE portable media players


Singapore-based Shiro looks set to bust out a trio of new portable media players for those that prefer their devices slightly less soccer ball-shaped, with CNET reporting the company will introduce its MK, ME, and VE PMPs at CeBIT next month. The purple-accented Shiro VE is the top-end model of the bunch, with a 2.4-inch display, 4GB of flash memory, and a microSD slot for additional storage. A notch below that is the Shiro ME, which packs the same microSD slot and 4GB of storage but shrinks things down with a 1.8-inch screen. Rounding out the line-up, the 2GB Shiro MK opts for an SD/MMC slot instead of a microSD one and gives up a few millimeters in thickness in favor of a built-in speaker. All three models also pack a built-in FM radio and voice recording capabilities. While there's no word on price or availability for any of them just yet, if Shiro's other players are any indication, we wouldn't hold out much hope of them finding their way to our shores anytime soon.

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