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Sony debuts LCD-equipped photo printers, spiffed up voice recorders


No, Sony naturally wasn't content to merely deluge us with cameras, TVs and every other home entertainment device under they sun today, they had to push it one step further with some new PictureStation printers and a bunch of voice recorders. The new DPP-FP70 and DPP-FP90 might not spin a Blu-ray disc, but at least they're no slouches in the display department, with the FP90 sporting a 3.6-inch LCD, and the FP70 not far behind at 2.5-inches. You can administer all manner of digital effects on your photos using the LCD, or just go right ahead and print the photo -- it'll take about 45 seconds for a 4 x 6 print when working with a Memory Stick. Of course, SD and CF work too. Photos will about 29 cents per print with both printers, and the FP90 and FP70 will be out in March for $200 and $150, respectively. As for voice recorders, there's nothing much to get excited about. Sony has six new models, all with up to 256MB of flash memory and various unlikely claims about voice quality. The flagship ICD-SX57 goes for $200 and includes a backlit display, along with a triple microphone array for optimal recording. The ICD-SX57DR9 version comes with Dragon NaturallySpeaking bundled. The ICD-P520 and ICD-P30F tone down the excitement, and keep it cheap at $70 and $80, respectively, while the $50 ICD-B500 and $60 ICD-B510F run on AAA batteries, and are designed for "PC-free" use.

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