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"The truth about switching" to the Mac

David Chartier

A man named Bill Westerman has penned a very down-to-earth article listing some of the ups and downs of switching to the Mac. Following a long line of switchers, Bill pens a nice mix of typical and not-so-typical scenarios, reactions and thoughts on the experience that I haven't seen capture quite as well elsewhere (and no, I'm not complementing Bill just because he links to TUAW in the article's footer). Two of my personal favorites are the "damnit!" / "ah-ha" moments Bill mentions, as I constantly meet switchers both old and new who find themselves frustrated with one behavior or another with Mac OS X, only to discover that they're really just being held back by an embedded expectation from their time with Windows.

All in all, Bill rounds out 22 well-summarized points that switchers can look forward to experiencing on their journey to the right side of the force. The only things I can think to add are:

  • #23: If you buy a MacBook/Pro, you just might have to turn into a nerd for notebook cases. You'll quickly find that most manufacturers build their cases for the lowest common denominator in the industry, which includes those 2"-thick Dells that seem to be so popular. I recommend bumming around the Mac web and tracking down a few key Mac-centric case manufacturers to scratch that itch.
  • #24: Don't start dressing like Justin Long from Apple's "Get a Mac" ads, especially on a college campus. You're likely to compound any ridicule you're already receiving (see Bill's first point).
Other than that, let the switching continue!

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