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Beatmania IIDX Gold to go on test in an American arcade

Jared Rea

Do you love Beatmania? Have you always wanted to check it out but your arcade wouldn't carry it? If you answered yes to either one of those questions and live near Naperville, Illinois, you will have an opportunity to try your hand at the latest in Konami's original rhythm series. You may have played Beatmania before and your local arcade may even have it, but this test is special. The results may determine if we ever see an official, arcade release of Beatmania IIDX here in the States.

Mirroring the grass roots promotion of last years Dance Dance Revolution Supernova, Konami is teaming up with coin-op manufacturer Betson Enterprises to bring Beatmania IIDX 14: Gold to the US for a limited time only. Whether Konami is considering a US version of the game or to begin releasing the titles internationally (see: Supernova) is unknown as the test is simply to determine the general interest level of the game.

The location test begins on March 5th at the Brunswick Zone in Naperville, Illinois. The machine will remain on test for an undetermined amount of time, though we can't imagine it staying beyond two weeks. So bring a friend, a lot of quarters and show your support. This may be the only chance in your lifetime to play Ghostbusters.

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